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Reina visits the Butterfly Garden

Picture Book

Learn about nature, insects, and butterflies in a fun way!

Join Reina on this journey and discover the importance of insects especially butterflies, and her process of learning about her favorite ones!

Best Selling Author

Meet Reina

Reina is a smart and sensitive young girl who loves nature and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Sheila uses Reina as the main character to explore, learn, have fun and teach a lesson to the readers.

Make reading fun and entertaining with the ReinaZone books series in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Haitian Creole.

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Butterfly Activity

Reina visits the Butterfly Garden – Activity Book

5-in-1 Activity Book for kids 4 years old and up: coloring, word search, drawing, dot-to-dot, fun facts about butterflies, and much more!

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What I can do with my hands

A charming book about practical things to do with our hands, and above all, how to be compassionate and caring. For toddlers to 7 year old kids.

Coloring book

What I can do with my hands – Coloring Book

A coloring book for kids, full of activities by Reina and her friends. Come enjoy, paint, color, and learn with Reina.

From our happy readers:

Kameron Brook

My family enjoyed Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden very much. My daughter loved every butterfly illustrated. She pointed out all her favorites, those with a speck of purple in them. We also counted the butterflies to bring more education into the story.
After reading the story, we looked up ways to attract more butterflies into our yard. She’s hoping she’ll see some from the book. Me too.

This book has many lovely qualities that’ll make it a hit with little kids.

Bath Schéba

How nice! This was amazing to read. The pictures are so vibrant, I feel like you should produce cartoons out of those stories and beautiful pictures. Loved it 😊!


Let kids witness the fascinating world of nature and insects with Reina, who discovers more about the life cycle of butterflies, how they drink nectar from flowers, pollinate our world, and how caterpillars transform into butterflies.
This fun learning rhyming picture book shows how a day spent in nature can change your perspective. 
Perfect for 3+

Upcoming Books

Sept 1st, 2022

Reina visits the Zoo

Reina along with family and friends explore the wonderful creation of Jehovah, which is the animals’ world. Full of fun.

September 15th, 2022

Reina learns about Haiti

Join Reina on her visit to her grandpa that will take her to an epic journey around Haiti’s most beautiful cities and attraction sites. 

October 1st, 2022

Reina learns about England

Reina around the world will lead us to UK. On her visit to see aunt Maggie, Reina will make a tour around some wonderful parts of England.

Coming Soon!

Available Oct 15, 2022

Reina explores the Zoo – Coloring Book

Activity Book

  • Let’s marvel at Jehovah’s creation
  • 50 Pages of fun learning about the wonderful and beautiful creation of Jehovah.
  • From bear to zebra, passing by koala and king lion
  • Some sea creatures too: penguin, seal, alligator
  • And some birds as well: eagle, parrot, owl, toucan
  • Creatures of all types: rhino, elephant, butterfly, hedgehog…. and many more!
  • Fun learning for kids 4 years and up.
Zoo Coloring book

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