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Freebies From Reina

Learn about butterflies

Reina visits the Butterfly Garden: Learn about nature, insects, and butterflies in a fun way!

The mountains and valleys around town are filled with trees, flowers, and gorgeous insects of all kinds. Reina visits the town’s butterfly garden…

Reina is a smart and sensitive young girl who loves nature, but she is afraid of insects. Will she always be afraid? Will she conquer her fear?

Join Reina on this journey and discover the importance of insects especially butterflies, and her process of learning about her favorite ones! This charming children’s book is designed to make your child become a butterfly expert! Let’s start learning along with Reina and having fun

Paperback and eBook Available

Butterfly Garden Front cover













English: Reina visits the Butterfly Garden

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Creole: Reina vizite yon jaden papiyon

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French: Reina visite le jardin des papillons

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The butterfly garden book features

  • A rhyming children’s book to learn nice things about the butterfly garden
  • Fun learning for children: explore nature, insects, butterflies
  • Filled with colorful illustrations to both entertain and educate
  • For children of all backgrounds
  • 4 Languages available: English, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole
  • Choose Paperback or eBook

Get the activity book as well

Butterfly Activity


















Beautifully illustrated

Book header

What I can do with my hands book cover













English: What I can do with my hands

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What I can do with my hands: A book about practical things to do with our hands, and above all, how to be compassionate and caring

What I can do with my hands is the first in a series of books for young children by Sheila.

This book introduces Reina, a young girl, who teaches us all the wonderful things we can do with our hands: play, learn, and help others. Whether we are indoors or enjoying the beauty of nature outside, there are so many things to do!
This charming children’s book is designed to be read by adults, so we can all enjoy the many activities we can do with our hands. So, raise your hands, and let’s start learning—and having fun!