Top 10 Best Activities for Your Child


Indoor and outdoor activities at home for kids help them spend quality time without spending time in front of electronic devices. It is important to promote activities for kids at home as it benefits kids in various ways. Here are the top 10 best creative ideas and activities for kids to reduce screen time.

  1. Book reading

Read books together from your home library to encourage reading habits. Choose the best book for children to let them read themselves. Reading books is beneficial for children as it helps develop vocabulary and communication skills.

  • Dress up and role play

It involves wearing dresses or costumes of specific characters and playing their roles. Let your kids run their imaginations wild by dressing up in particular clothes or using props like a doctor’s kit. It will help kids start making sense of the adult world, interests, and roles. It also helps boost social interaction.

  • Painting and drawing

Drawing and painting are great ways to reduce screen time for kids. It is a fun way to engage children. Painting enables them to experience their world in a sensory way and cultivate self-expression. It also helps develop pre-writing skills.

  • Jumping, running, climbing

Kids have an urge to move. Letting them do so by giving them safe and age-specific challenges enables them to boost their confidence and help develop their resilience through risk-taking.

  • Music, singing, and dancing

Music and singing greatly help develop language skills and create the base of literacy skills. It also helps develop basic mathematical ideas like counting. Moreover, kids will start to cultivate rhythm while improving their listening capabilities. Dancing is a great way to help kids develop flexibility and strength.

  • LEGO coding Maze

To let your kids learn to code, you don’t need apps or screens. Simply set up a LEGO maze and let your kids create a Minifigure by giving commands to your kids. The ideas and mazes can get more complex as your kid age.

  • Play board games

Choose board games based on the age of your kids. They are fun activities for kids to do at home. You will also find educational board games for children. Older kids can play board games independently.

  • Put together a puzzle

Kids love putting together puzzles as it is a fun activity. It enables them to concentrate on a task for a long time. For young kids, wooden puzzles are the right choice. Challenge older kids with puzzles of 50 pieces in a set time.

  • Art and craft making

Let your kids get creative with recycled items in your home like toilet paper rolls and cereal boxes. Create a rocket from toilet paper rolls or make a robot or dinosaur from a cereal box.

  1. Origami art

Making origami is another engaging indoor activity for children. The paper folding art is a well-known activity and you will find instructions on lots of online resources to let your kids get creative.


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