Good habits are important life skills that lead to good manners. Children’s habits can be easily molded at a young age. Habits develop over time and we often don’t know when we acquire them.

Good habits

Here are some good habits for children:

  • Follow a bedtime routine and have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Wake up early in the morning and avoid sleeping late at night.
  • Develop a reading habit to help improve vocabulary, visualization, and communication skills. Read daily to be successful in school.
  • Get involved in household chores and daily activities to learn things quickly.
  • Children should greet everyone with respect. Encourage your child to use words like thank you, please, excuse me, and sorry.
  • Teach your children to speak the truth. Avoid lying as it is a bad habit.
  • Everyone is responsible for their deeds. Kids must learn this important habit for their betterment.

Safety rules

Safety rules are important for kids to avoid accidents. Accidents can take place at home, on roads, or while swimming.

Here are some safety tips for children:

Pool safety tips

  • Do not go to the deep side of the swimming pool.
  • Do not go swimming alone without supervision.
  • Get permission from parents before going to the swimming or pool area.
  • Always walk around the swimming pool and never run.
  • Never go near pool drains as they have strong suction and can drown you if you can’t free yourself from the trap.
  • Use a life jacket when going near the pool area.
  • Do not dive into areas that are not marked as deep enough.

Online safety tips

  • Do not let kids browse online alone. Allow them to browse only in the presence of an adult.
  • Don’t let your kids shop online unsupervised. They may provide credit card information on fake websites leading to scams.
  • Let your kids know the importance of privacy settings on social media websites like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Tell your kids not to share personal information online like name, email ID, contact number, address, and parent’s work details without the parent’s permission.
  • Never meet online friends as they may not be actually who they say they are. It is not safe to meet online friends as they can be kidnappers.
  • Ensure that your device has reliable security software installed to avoid malware, viruses, and spyware. Also, turn on firewalls to prevent hacking attacks and pop-ups.

Parenting safety tips

  • Kids love cuddles, hugs, and holding hands. Give them lots of nurturing physical attention.
  • Offer them various activities to do such as reading, science projects, puzzles, blanket tents, and other indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Device a clear set of rules and limits on the behavior of your child. Rules must be easy to follow and positively stated.
  • All kids misbehave at times so you should keep your expectations real.
  • Guide your kids through their weaknesses and mistakes. Rewards and praises are effective as compared to pushing a kid.
  • Become an example or model for your kid. It is because kids copy everything you do.