Top 10 most popular butterflies in Asia


Butterflies are beautiful winged creatures. There is a wide variety of butterflies in Asia with diverse shapes and colorations. Here are some of the most attention-grabbing and striking butterflies. Enter the world of the most gorgeous insects.

  1. Common Palmfly

The Common Palmfly butterfly is commonly found in South Asia. It generally inhabits open vegetation across the lowlands. Common Palmfly is widespread in coconut plantations. It flies with slow gliding and flapping motions. The adult butterfly is bluish-black with purple or blue spots on the forewing.

  • Dark Judy

This butterfly is more common in India. It is a medium-sized butterfly in brown color with a clear pale band across the forewing. At first look, it appears like a banded tree brown with missing rings. It inhabits under the thick forests at an altitude of about 7000 feet.

  • Common Punch

The common punch butterfly is native to the Indo-Himalayan region. It is a small gorgeous butterfly in brown color with orange dots on the entire body. It is commonly seen at lower altitudes in warmer valleys. This butterfly is not very fond of flowers.

  • Oriental Short-tailed Blue

This small butterfly is commonly seen in forests, parks, plantations, and gardens, as well as along the riverbanks and roadsides. The male butterfly is violet-blue with a black border whereas female butterflies have a dull earthy brown color.

  • Eastern Baton Blue

Eastern Baton Blue is a small butterfly that is commonly found in Asia. It has a wingspan of 20 to 26 mm. The female butterfly is brown in color while male is pale dusky blue with a wide border. It is named after its chequered fringe pattern.

  • Dead Leaf Butterfly

It is one of the most interesting butterflies in the world that is commonly seen in tropical climates in Asia. When it closes its wings, it looks like a dry leaf to camouflage.

  • Great Blackvein Butterfly

The great blackvein is a medium-sized butterfly that is found in Nepal and India. It is a beautiful butterfly that inhabits wet, swampy, and shady areas at an elevation of 640 to 3000 meters.

  • Blue Clipper Butterfly

The Blue Clipper butterfly is a fast-flying, active, and energetic butterfly that is commonly found in Asia. It feeds on Lantana tropical plants. This beautiful butterfly comes in brown and blue colors. It flies with stiffly flapping wings between the horizontal positions.

  • Peacock Pansy

It is found in South Asia and Cambodia. The upper surface of the wing has an orange and yellow color with striking eyespots and brown edges. It has a wingspan of approximately 6 cm. The underside of the wings of this butterfly changes with the season.

  1. Emerald Swallowtail

Emerald Swallowtail is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world and is native to Asia. It has a wingspan of 8 to 10 cm with black or dark green color with emerald green metallic bands. The underside of the wing is black with white, blue, and orange spots along the boundaries of the hindwing.


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